Viet Nam Forest

In Vietnam, there are 13.515.064 ha forested area, make up about 40,84% of total land area. The most desirable raw material for this component is hardwoods such as: Lauan meranti, ironwood, beech; wood from planted tree such as: longan, litchi, tea and bamboo.

Quang Ninh Forest

In Quang Ninh, there are 243,833.2 ha of forest and forest land (occupying 40% of the province’s natural land area) with a variety of plants such as Longan, Litchi,Eucalyptus, Tea, Bamboo … 20 year or more, is a source material for charcoal, bamboo charcoal.

Material yard

In the Hoanh Bo district, Quang Ninh province

Material yard

In the Ba Che district, Quang Ninh province